30 November 2011

Non-Locking Concurrency Control

At work this week I have been working on implementing a concurrency control strategy on a system. During the discussions, software transactional memory (STM) came up, as we want to develop a solution that does not involve locking, and since my primary experience with it is Clojure's built-in STM, I brought that up.

The world seems to be helping out today with a link on Hacker News to an old discussion involving Clojure's creator Rich Hickey: Clojure: STMs vs Locks. Good food for thought.

It is great to see that my Clojure knowledge is proving to be surprisingly useful at work. Those years of being a closeted functional programming nerd are paying off!

I also re-watched Rich Hickey's talk "Are We There Yet?" and reread "Equal Rights for Functional Objects" by Henry G. Baker, which are both great resources for really thinking about state in a functional manner.

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